For all of you interested in the great outdoors, Feather Falls is a must see. The view of the towering waterfall is a 4.5-mile hike from the base. The total round trip from top to bottom is over 8 miles, so be sure to stay hydrated throughout your journey.

The falls reach a 410-foot vertical granite slab where it projects its energy through a narrow passageway. During the late winter months, the water levels reach maximum levels and allow Feather Falls to come alive.

The top of the falls is easily accessible and delivers a breathtaking scene of the deep valley that lies beneath. For those who are not fans of heights, an additional viewpoint was constructed that allows viewers to observe from a comfortable distance.

There is a big parking lot and pit toilets at the trailhead. There’s only one trail from the parking lot and about 1/2 mi in it splits off to Upper/Lower Trails. The lower more strenuous trail is 3.5 miles and a moderate to heavy hike. The upper trail is moderate but a little longer hike of 4.5 miles. Most of all don’t forget your camera! Feather Falls never disappoints and it is definitely a bucket list hike.

Click here for trail map.