A Fruity Way to Experience Oroville

At the Oroville Area Chamber of Commerce we want to promote our businesses and the important industries in our community through Oroville Local. This month we bring you the opportunity to learn about important fruity industries in Oroville: olives, citrus, and grapes.

Contest Time!

Head to our Facebook Page every Monday for the month of March to win a schwag bag from us at the Oroville Chamber! Each Monday we will ask a question about your favorite local companies in the olives, citrus, and grapes industries. Each comment and share will gain you 1 entry into our raffle. On Friday will pick a winner!


Olives are so popular here that there is even an annual Butte County Olive Festival. In June vendors set up outside the Ehmann Home, “The House That Olives Built”, and offer tastings of olive oils, foods made with olives, and olive-themed gifts.


One of the main citrus attractions in Oroville is the Mother Orange Tree located at the California State Park Headquarters. This is the oldest living orange tree in Northern California having been purchased in 1856.


Vineyards also decorate the hills of Oroville offering grapes that are perfect for wine production. There are several wineries in Oroville that each offer their own unique blends.

Berkeley Olive Grove

Berkeley Olive Grove not only produces award-winning olive oils, but they are also a historic olive grove that has been located here since 1913. This olive grove once boasted having the largest planting of Mission olives in the world. Their extra virgin olive oils consistently win Gold Medals every year.

Olive Oil Source

The Olive Oil Source strives to be and is recognized internationally as the most comprehensive resource for products, trends, and information on everything related to olive oil. Whether you are a producer seeking information on the latest equipment, a retailer of olive oil related products, or an olive oil lover, our goal is to have “Everything but the Olive” available for you.

California Olive Ranch

The California Olive Ranch is transforming the olive oil industry and showing that when it comes to purity and quality, not all olive oils are created equal. They do it by growing on California ranches, finding innovative ways to plant and harvest olives to develop high-quality olive oils at reasonable prices and encouraging transparency across the olive oil industry.

Tri-L Mandarin Ranch

Tri-L Mandarin Ranch is a part of the local citrus industry producing juicy mandarins that they can package into custom gift crates along with other local goods. Every year they hold a Harvest Festival where visitors can learn about mandarin production and peruse the goods of local vendors.

Grey Fox Vineyards

The Arrigoni and Cecchi families founded Grey Fox Vineyards in 1996. You can visit them and share in the fulfillment and pride of their incredible endeavor. Taste the premium wines and you’ll understand why winemaking became their ultimate passion.

Long Creek Winery & Ranch

Long Creek Winery & Ranch not only producers quality wines for their customers, but they also offer a great venue for your special events. They offer tours and tasting sessions where you can experience the beauty of the area.

Purple Line Urban Winery

Purple Line Urban Winery is the first urban winery located in Downtown Oroville. Their event venue is described as “Warehouse Chic” and they have a bocce ball course on their premises.