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A Local Dining Guide

Have you found yourself hungry in the great city of Oroville and have no idea where to go? Well, the Oroville Area Chamber of Commerce has created a guide for you based on what you are hungry for. Just click the name of the businesses below to learn more about what food they have to offer.

Contest Time!

Head to our Facebook Page every Monday for the month of April for a chance to win a gift bag with goodies from us and some of our local eateries! Each Monday we will ask a question about your favorite local food business. Each comment and share will gain you 1 entry into our raffle. On Friday at noon the winner will be announced.

At the end of the month we will award “Oroville Local People’s Choice” Awards to the businesses with the most votes!

Drinks & Food

These restaurants not only offer delicious food, but you can get a good drink paired with what you are eating.

Applebee's Grill + Bar

“Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood.” Applebee’s Grill + Bar offers delicious comfort food along with their full service bar.

2160 Feather River Boulevard

Oroville, CA

(530) 534-4500

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Feather Falls Casino & Lodge

Feather Falls Casino offers two eating options. First, try their Dreamcatcher Buffet featuring their Mongolian BBQ Stir-fry. Then you can try some of their home-brewed beer at the Feather Falls Brewing Company.

3 Alverda Drive

Oroville, CA

(530) 533-3885

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Miner's Alley Brewing Company

“You meet the nicest people in the Alley!” Miner’s Alley Brewing Company offers their own crafted beers, gourmet foods and spirited service.

2053 Montgomery Street

Oroville, CA

(530) 693-4388

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The Exchange

The Exchange is an upscale full service bar. They now serve brunch and have live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays.

1975 Montgomery Street

Oroville, CA

(530) 693-4276

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Gold Country Casino & Hotel

Gold Country Casino & Hotel has every kind of food and drink you could ever want. Just choose from their following options: the Steak House, The Cafe, the Buffet, the Espresso Bar, and the Snack Bar.

4020 Olive Highway

Oroville, CA

(800) 334-9400

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If you want a comfortable place to sit down and eat a delicious meal, these restaurants have just what you need.

Casa Vieja

Casa Vieja offers authentic Mexican food and cocktails. They are open for lunch, dinner, and banquets.

1560 Huntoon

Oroville, CA

(530) 533-4042

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Yoville Yogurt

Yoville Yogurt is a volunteer run non-profit that serves a variety of frozen yogurts. All proceeds go towards helping the most vulnerable in the Oroville community.

2550 Olive Highway

Oroville, CA

(530) 533-9646

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Tabletop Restaurant & Catering

Tabletop Restaurant & Catering is one of Oroville’s newest restaurants. Along with delicious food they also offer catering services and can serve as an event venue.

109 Table Mountain Boulevard

Oroville, CA

(530) 533-9655

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Papacito's Mexican Grill & Cantina

Papacito’s Mexican Grill & Cantina boasts the best Mexican food and margaritas you have ever tasted. They are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

1751 Oro Dam Boulevard E, Suite #14

Oroville, CA

(530) 532-9344

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Tong Fong Low

Tong Fong Low has been voted as the Best Asian Restaurant and Best Take Out Restaurant. They select only the freshest and best ingredients to prepare their food.

2051 Robinson Street

Oroville, CA

(530) 533-1488

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Fast Food

If  you are so hungry you can’t wait to eat, Oroville has a wide selection of fast food restaurants to satisfy your cravings.

Fosters Freeze

Fosters Freeze is your local stop for California burgers and shakes. They are also known for their soft serve ice cream made with real milk.

970 Oro Dam Boulevard

Oroville, CA

(530) 534-0485

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Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros offers a variety of specialty coffees, drinks, and snacks. They are known for their outstanding customer service.

2340 Oro Dam Boulevard

Oroville, CA

(530) 864-0368

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Taco Bell

Taco Bell offers Mexican-inspired fast food. They are always trying out new ideas and new menu items.

2660 Olive Highway


2590 Feather River Boulevard

Oroville, CA

(530) 534-9356

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The Good Earth Coffee & Tea House

The Good Earth Coffee & Tea House has their own special coffees, teas, and smoothies. Pair a drink with one of their delicious pastries.

980 Oro Dam Boulevard

Oroville, CA

(530) 538-8544

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Every pizza isn’t the same and Oroville can show it. These different pizza restaurants each offer something unique.

Papa Murphy's Pizza

If you want a pizza cooked exactly how you like it, head to Papa Muphy’s Pizza. They offer take-and-bake pizzas that you can customize.

1751 Oro Dam Boulevard

Oroville, CA

(530) 538-8454

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Mountain Mikes Pizza

Mountain Mikes Pizza offers their mountain sized pizza along with a variety of sauces, toppings, and appetizers.

1905 Oro Dam Boulevard

Oroville, CA

(530) 533-9660

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Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza offers traditional pizza made the way you want it. Their restaurant also offers a perfect venue for gatherings.

1124 Oro Dam Boulevard # D

Oroville, CA

(530) 533-6710

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Shakey's Pizza Parlor

If you want more to eat with your pizza give Shakey’s Pizza Parlor a try. They are known for their pizza, fried chicken, and mojos.

2890 Olive Highway

Oroville, CA

(530) 534-8844

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