The weather is perfect to take the family to a variety of camping spots Oroville has to offer. The breathtaking scenery around Oroville offers plenty of nature to explore on the land and in the water.

The Lake Oroville State Recreation Area offers a variety of camping amenities at the Bidwell Canyon Campground, Lime Saddle Campground, and Loafer Creek Campground. These include picnicking, horseback riding, hiking, sail and power boating, water-skiing, fishing, swimming, boat-in camping, floating campsites and horse camping. A special note should be made that currently in the Spring of 2019 Bidwell Canyon Campground has several FEMA sites to help house families that were affected by the 2018 Camp Fire that has affected camping availability.

To reserve a campsite at the Lake Oroville State Recreation Area, head to Reserve California, or reach out to the individual campgrounds:

Bidwell Canyon Campground
(530) 538-2218

Lime Saddle Campground
(530) 876-8516

Loafer Creek Campground
(530) 538-2217

For those who enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of their RVs there are several places in Oroville that offer fantastic views and amazing customer service.

River Reflections offers a beautiful view of the Feather River. Call (530) 533-1995 or Visit the Website.

Riffles RV Park & Campground also offers amazing views of the Feather River and fishing. Call (530) 534-9956 or Visit the Website.

Lake Oroville Gold Country RV Community sits near Lake Oroville and has a pool, showers, and laundry machines. Call (530) 534-1133 or Visit the Website.

Feather Falls Casino gives you the complete KOA experience nestled in the foothills of Oroville. Call (530) 533-9020 or Visit the Website.

River One RV Park has boating and water sports near its location on the Feather River. Call (530) 533-8679 or Visit the Website.

Berry Creek Rancheria RV Park gives you easy access to the entertainment Gold Country Casino Resort Provides. Call (866) 991-5061 or Visit the Website.


If you want more information, always feel free to contact the Oroville Chamber at (530) 538-2542 or email at