Be a part of something big that will make a difference for Oroville.

As a result of the Oroville Dam spillway incident, the city of Oroville became a globally recognized name overnight. Unfortunately, this has led to the misperception that Oroville is unsafe—both as a place to visit and to do business.

In order to set the record straight, we are seeking to secure funding for a campaign to heal the community, rebuild confidence in our infrastructure, and provide an accurate portrayal of who and where Oroville is. This multi-platform campaign will focus on both local outreach and national awareness.

Help Oroville tell its own story.

With your support, and through an aligned mission as Oroville Strong! we can achieve great things for our community. We hope you will join with us in keeping Oroville Strong!

Sandy Linville, PhD

President & CEO, Oroville Chamber of Commerce

Thank You New Members!

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