A coalition of businesses, who together as one will be a strong voice for Oroville.

In the wake of the recent evacuations in Oroville and the severe impact on the economy and reputation we’ve seen to our community that resulted, the Oroville Dam Coalition, an active working group of business leaders and employers have joined together with the Oroville Chamber of Commerce in helping lead an effort to keep Oroville Strong!

Our Mission:

Oroville Strong! will work to advance meaningful solutions to upgrade the Oroville Dam and flood control infrastructure, as well as work on your behalf to advance programs that will strengthen the economic climate in the region, promote jobs, tourism and improve the quality of life for residents.

Oroville Strong! will help advance a set of core principles to shape local, state and federal policies embraced by our coalition to ensure we make Oroville a stronger community in which to work, live and visit.
The timing for such a coalition couldn’t be more important. Government representatives and elected leaders are making decisions that will impact our region for years to come. Through Oroville Strong! we will ensure they hear our collective voice. And, through our work, we will make sure that voice remains strong not just in the coming months, but in the years ahead.

Join Us and Be Oroville Strong!

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With your support, and through an aligned mission as Oroville Strong! we can achieve great things for our community. We hope you will join with us in keeping Oroville Strong!

Sandy Linville, PhD

President & CEO, Oroville Chamber of Commerce

We Need Your Support!

Our goal is to grow Oroville Strong! to have at least fifty members and announce our efforts on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Oroville Dam on May 4th.

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Oroville Strong! is focused on a set of core goals and objectives supported by its members.

Ensure that the Oroville Dam functions as designed and advance meaningful solutions to upgrade the Oroville Dam and flood control infrastructure.

Advocate for a strong Federal and State infrastructure investment for the Oroville Dam and other critical spending in the region.


Examine opportunities through local, state and federal programs as well as private investment that helps improve area schools, parks, recreation and tourism.

Strengthen Oroville’s image and promote the region as a great place to do business, to work, to live and to visit.

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