From a Butte County Air Quality Management District Press Release

The Butte County Air Quality Management District, along with neighboring air districts, will be issuing vouchers to help replace older, inefficient woodstoves or woodstove inserts, and fireplaces.

The Woodsmoke Reduction Pilot Program is funded by California Climate Investments and administered by local air districts. This program provides an incentive voucher to replace a non-EPA certified wood-burning stove or fireplace that is used as a primary source of heat with either an EPA-certified woodstove or insert, or a natural gas, propane, or electric heating device.

For people in certain census tracts designated by the State as low-income and for low-income households, a voucher amount of $3,500 is available to assist with the cost of purchase, installation, and permitting. A voucher of $1,000 is available to all households with an eligible wood-burning device.

Applications will become available on May 23, 2018 at 8:00 AM through participating retailers, at the District office, or online at To apply, submit a completed Voucher Application and a photo of the currently installed old woodburning device to the District. Additional documentation required for low-income eligibility or if replacing an open-hearth fireplace.

Vouchers are valid for four weeks and can be redeemed at participating retailers. Installations must be done by a licensed contractor with the appropriate building permit and comply with all building codes in your jurisdiction. Do-it-yourself installations are not allowed under this program.

Replacing an older wood-burning device with a newer, cleaner burning device increases safety, reduces air pollution, and improves indoor air quality.

For more information and a list of participating retailers, visit or contact Jason Mandly at or (530) 332-9400 ext.108.

This project was supported by the “California Climate Investments” (CCI) program.