From a Community Advisory from the California Department of Water Resources




May 31, 2017


Please distribute this community advisory to your contacts or anyone who may be interested.


The public may hear a TEST of the Lake Oroville Spillways emergency siren this Friday, June 2 at noon.


Although loud, this is only a test and is nothing to worry about. The siren test will last less than one minute.


The purpose of the siren is to alert construction workers about a worksite emergency, should one arise.


Future siren tests will be conducted at noon on the first Friday of each month. The next test will be July 7, then August 4, etc. Do not be concerned if you hear the siren.


This siren was installed recently to replace the siren that was lost during spillway releases in February.


For more information about the Oroville Spillways, visit the California Department of Water Resources Oroville Spillway Incident webpage and/or follow us Facebook or Twitter.


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