From an Assemblyman James Gallagher Press Release

Assemblyman James Gallagher’s (R-Yuba City) Assembly Bill 2957, which incentivizes water technology investments, passed out of its first committee on a bipartisan vote of 13-0.

Cycles of drought followed by heavy precipitation will continue to be a serious challenge water managers have to address and requires a multi-pronged adaption strategy.  In addition to unpredictable supply, California continues to face water quality challenges and must make short and long term improvements to infrastructure to clean up contaminated drinking water systems.

“California faces many water challenges, and we need to invest in developing and deploying existing and upcoming technologies that help us address these issues.  AB 2957 will help California attract innovators to help meet challenges in water planning, recycling, testing, treatment, distribution, and more,” said Gallagher.

Gallagher’s legislation would create a water technology hub in Oroville through two mechanisms. First, the bill requests the establishment of a University of California satellite campus focused on water technology research and developing the next generation of water professionals and technicians.  Second, the bill offers tax credits for businesses engaged in water technology such as efficiency, recycling, conservation, treatment, or supply technology research or manufacturing.

Other states and countries have proactively sought to recruit investors and innovators in water technology.  For example, Israel has an arid climate and water demand outstrips conventional resources.  However, Israel has been able to achieve water security through advanced management strategies and deployment of water technologies.

The legislation now heads to the Assembly Revenue & Taxation committee for further consideration.

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