“You belong before you believe,” said founder Larry Hayden as he sat with the Oroville Chamber to talk about everything The Hope Center does. Back in 2004 the faith-based center was started with the idea of giving to others, being inclusive, and helping others move forward in their lives.

Inspired by The Dream Center in Los Angeles, The Hope Center wanted to help the Oroville community and fill in where there was a need. Larry and his family started gathering items on their own then would drive around to help people in need, talk to them about available services, and pray with them. After this The Hope Center continued to grow.

Over the years the center changed location and was continuing to expand. In 2009 they moved to 1950 Kitrick Avenue where more space also meant the start of their food bank. Originally what started as a single food shelf that helped the Oroville community now provides 300,000 pounds of food a year to Northern California. Another example of their expansion is in the first month of operation The Hope Center served 3 people, and now they serve about 2,400 meals a month.

They are here to help people improve their lives and want people to know they have meaning, value and purpose. The center offers programs big and small as well as working with other non-profits like the Greater Oroville Homeless Association and the Veterans Resource Center. Public health screenings, access to a variety of counselors, work training programs, and volunteer opportunities are just a few of the things the center offers.

The community creates the need, and The Hope Center fills it, Larry says. The center is currently in need of monthly donors and employers who are willing to take on newly trained workers. Volunteers are also always welcome at the center. If you want to learn more about The Hope Center, Click Here to visit their website or call (530) 538-8398.