Carolyn Denero, Executive Director at Explore Butte County, spoke with us about this great organization that aims to show everyone what makes Butte County so amazing. Their motto is “Explorers Welcome” and they want to show visitors that within Butte County, “warm and friendly towns beckon you to explore the unexpected North State of California with a style of its own.”

People want to experience the way we live when they visit Butte County, so Explore Butte County wants to show visitors what makes Butte County and the towns within unique. This leads to a positive economic impact on the local communities within the county. When people visit they eat at local restaurants, stay at local hotels, and shop in local businesses.

(Amber & Wilma from the Oroville Chamber volunteering at Explore Butte County’s State Fair booth.)

Explore Butte County will be working with CTA to build and deliver a Certified Tourism Ambassador program. This program will work with Butte County’s stakeholder businesses and frontline to increase tourism by enhancing the visitor experience. “This is going to be an amazing program that will be available to those in hospitality, volunteerism, and businesses who host events,” said Carolyn.

New campaigns and programs are coming to Explore Butte County this fall. You can keep up to date by visiting their website at and by following their Facebook page by Clicking Here.