On Saturday, January 26, Communications Coordinator, Amber Marron went on the Lake Oroville Visitor Center‘s Saturday Morning Nature Walk. This walk took us up Sycamore Hill on a beautiful morning.

The wind was crisp, but 17 other people joined me on this three mile walk. Hikers were both young and old, and with this being the toughest hike from January due to the steeper incline, everyone was able to complete the three mile walk just fine.

The guides from the Lake Oroville Visitor Center were always open to answering questions about species of mushrooms and plants to how the hiking trail was created. Once we climbed in elevation there were gorgeous views of the Oroville Dam and the river below.


Right before the very top there was a Trail Log for the Brad Freeman/Dan Bebee Trail which I signed. Unfortunately I could not make it to the very top due to my susceptibility to poison oak, so if you are looking to hike Sycamore Hill make sure to take precautions due to the presence of poison oak.

Overall it was a great time that I will continue to participate in! These weekly walks take place every Saturday with hikers meeting at the Lake Oroville Visitor Center at 9:00 am sharp.