The smell of fresh cut cedar fills the air as we step outside at Sierra Pacific Industries sawmill, located in Oroville. We took this opportunity to learn about this third-generation family-owned business that cares about its crewmembers, its communities, and the future.

Sierra Pacific Industries operates in California, Washington and Wisconsin and has a hand in each part of the wood it produces from the acres of forestland it owns to the creation of wood products. Using modern forest management practices, their forests are sustainable with plans to re-plant the trees and keep the land healthy for generations to come.

The part the Oroville Division plays in this production is taking the trees from their forests and processing them to be used for fence boards, playgrounds and other products. They use nearly all fiber from the logs entering the mill and the latest technology allows them to scan each log and maximize the number of boards that can be cut from it. Wood byproducts from manufacturing are also used. One example of this are wood chips found in playgrounds and landscaping material.

There are several things that make Sierra Pacific Industries unique as a business. They are a third-generation family-owned company that was started by the Emmersons in 1949. The Oroville mill was added in 2000. Their outstanding company culture takes caring for their crewmembers to the next level. This year they earned a Cal-OSHA VPP designation for safety that took two years to achieve. This is the first sawmill in California to earn this safety achievement. Read more about it here. The Emmerson family also funded and established the Sierra Pacific Foundation in 1979.  Since its inception, the Foundation has focused its charitable giving programs on local youth and community programs. Education scholarships for dependents of Sierra Pacific Industries crewmembers are a priority for the Foundation. This year $663,000 was awarded to 209 students attending colleges, universities, and trade schools in the 2018-2019 school year. Read the full press release here.

To learn more about Sierra Pacific Industries you can visit their website here or give them a call at (530) 532-6630.