2018 has been a big year for the Northwest Lineman College. So we at the Oroville Area Chamber of Commerce met with NLC President Harry Scarborough and NLC Operations Coordinator Tina McGee to find out what new and exciting things are happening.

In the beginning of the year fortune 500 company Quanta Services acquired NLC. Quanta has huge training demands for their company of 30,000 + employees, and they recognized what a great platform NLC offered to help them with their needs. With the marriage between Quanta and NLC new programs are able to be developed. For example, there is now a Telecommunications Program for Quanta employees that will become available to other companies later this year. NLC has already started receiving a giant demand from companies who need their employees trained in the electrical and telecommunications industry.

Quanta acquiring NLC has not changed the culture that NLC offers to its employees. It is a long process to become an employee at NLC and that is because NLC wants to make sure new employees are a good fit. The hiring process even includes a week long working interview. This kind of thoroughness and unique culture has even led NLC to win awards like the “2017 When Work Works Award”.

 (Photos courtesy of the Northwest Lineman College)

Some future plans for NLC since the marriage with Quanta are natural gas production/operation programs and expansion for the NLC campus. This change is also great for the students of NLC. There are several students graduating from NLC and starting as employees for Quanta the following week. Plus, with the creation of new programs, students will now have more opportunities within the lineman industry.

NLC offers more than just training and education for their students. This past graduating class combined had 1,885 community service hours. At the end of each semester they hold the Northwest Lineman College Rodeo. Students are invited to participate in individual and group challenges. Awards are given to the top performers and the public is invited to come and enjoy a day of entertainment.

(Photos courtesy of the Northwest Lineman College)

On April 18 NLC will be hosting their Lunch with a Lineman Event. This event invites high school students to spend a day at the college. They get the opportunity to learn about the programs NLC has to offer, career opportunities for graduates, and to eat lunch with the current class of lineman to find out what they think about NLC.

The last big event that benefits NLC students is their new Career Days. In March  15 employers set up at the college for this job fair. Out of the 200+ students in that graduating class 45 received accepted job offers at this Career Day and several other students had multiple job offers on the table. The next Career Day is scheduled in July for the next graduating class.

To learn more about the Northwest Lineman College visit https://lineman.edu/ or call (530) 764-2125.