The Forebay Aquatic Center has been a part of Oroville for over a decade. Director Tony Catalano met with us to talk about the history of the Forebay Aquatic Center, how it has transformed over the years, and the upcoming programs it will have to offer.

 (Photos courtesy of the Forebay Aquatic Center)

Chico State originally opened the Forebay Aquatic Center just over ten years ago, but then ended up closing the facilities. In 2011, Mike Seely and the Feather River Rowing Club took over the operations and reopened. Tony came on board in 2015 to help bring kids out to the Forebay for field trips. In 2015 the center served around 950 kids and grew to serve around 2,000 kids in 2017.

2016 became a transition year for the center as the Feather River Rowing Club dissolved and the Feather River Center formed to take over. The Feather River Center’s mission is, “Promoting education, recreation, boating and water safety, competitive water sports, and tourism in and beyond the Feather River Watershed.” The Feather River Center is looking to enhance the Forebay Aquatic Center in the future. The enhancements would include full internet connectivity, classrooms, locker rooms, offices, commercial kitchen, conference rooms, the development of a 2K Sprint Rowing Regatta, the development of a Community Sailing Center at the South Forebay, and overnight accommodations. All of these enhancements have the goal of making Oroville a unique and desirable location for events. “Collegiate athletes, spectators, conference attendees, etc. will come for their event, and return to replicate their experience and enjoy the river, lake, and Oroville downtown.”

 (Photos courtesy of the Forebay Aquatic Center)

This year there are plenty of programs for kids and adults to enjoy. The rowing program goes on year round and the Table Mountain Rowing Club has even won gold medals at national rowing meets. The center will once again be part of the Fourth of July celebrations by offering a viewing area of the fireworks show. The center is open for reservations for special events like corporate and family picnics/parties. This summer there will be a Sailing Camp, Youth Aquatic Camp, Summer Rowing Camp, a Life Jacket Exchange, and more. But, the perfect way to start the summer is to attend their National Safe Boating Week. The center will be offering 1 hour free equipment rental in celebration of National Safe Boating Week and Opening Day on May 26 to those who register ahead of time.

If you want to learn more about this amazing local recreation destination Visit Their Website or call The Forebay Aquatic Center at (530) 961-3767.