We met with Financial Advisor, Mark Starr, at Edward Jones Investments to talk about what their business does within the Oroville community. Mark said that his goal is to help his clients achieve their financial goals, whether it is for retirement or college savings.

For retirement plans, Mark said he takes the worrying out of retiring for his clients. He helps his clients match the lifestyle they want to have in retirement to a customized investment plan. The fun part is seeing people being able to achieve their goals in both retirement and college savings. He has even received invitations to graduations for children whose college savings plans were set up at Edward Jones.

Edward Jones Investments is also involved in the community by being a member of the Oroville Chamber of Commerce and Mark is part of the Kiwanis Club. Stop by to show support for a local business in your community.

To set up your own financial planning consultation you can call (530) 532-4618. You can also visit their website by clicking here.