Michael DaRe Leadership Coach is offering this deal exclusively for Chamber Members!

Get your Business on track for Improved Sales and Improved Customer Service in 2018

2018 brings many new challenges to small business owners for growing their business, one challenge is the State of California increased employee wages.   Now is the time to ensure that each business is working at providing great customer service and operating at higher levels of maximize efficiencies to increase sales to offset additional payroll and other operational costs.   Having strong management to lead your teams and having an engaged an staff is the answer. Let me help you …

I’m offering Chamber Members  FREENO obligation one hour, 1-on-1, on-site sales and customer service assessment.  This assessment is designed to help identify obstacles in sales growth and customer service, as well as identification of opportunities for coaching for improvement.


Because I know that 1-on 1 coaching can increase manager and employee productivity by up to 88% and can build stronger leaders who can generate lasting change in sales & profits;   I am offering to provide Chamber Members with a total Coaching Package, on-site for only $99.

Call me at 209-607-8032, my expertise is in working on-site, directly with managers and employees.