Over the years, the City of Oroville has sub-contracted the City’s Visitor Center services to the Chamber.  The Chamber serves as the first point of contact for tourists seeking information about Oroville and we provide a wealth of information regarding events, festivals, concerts, etc… to both area residents and for tourists coming into Oroville from other parts of the state and country.   We answer thousands of calls each year, see hundreds of visitors in our office, send out dozens of visitor and relocation packets.  Additionally, we have over 40 brochures in our office to help highlight the wonderful things to do and see in and around our Town.  One of our most popular things we do is host the Community Calendar on our website.  Thousands of events are included on this calendar and it is open to anyone wishing to promote their event, class or meeting.

Given the severe budget shortfall the City is facing, City Council voted yesterday (8-9-16) not to renew the Visitor Center contract with the Chamber.  The Council voted to use the funding, typically reserved for the Visitor Center contract, to be used to pay Bryce Consulting for a city-wide compensation study.  The City staff said they would take on the responsibilities of providing the Visitor Center services for tourists and the community.

However, we believe the City staff are already spread so thin and wearing too many hats, in addition to being asked to possibly take a cut in pay.  To add one more duty to their already-full-plates would be an injustice to both City staff and the community.  This is why, we have decided to continue to fulfill the responsibilities for the Visitor Center.  We believe in the importance of supporting our City staff and leaders, our members and our community.  We are all in this budget struggle together and we need to band together rather than be divided—we need to remain Oroville Strong!