Chamber Member, Michael DaRe, Leadership Coach, will be teaching a Leadership in Management class starting August 15 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Oroville Adult Education Career & Technical Center located at 2750 Mitchell Avenue. Registration is now open for this 18 week class. $225 pays for the class and class book. You can contact Michael DaRe directly with any inquiries at (209) 607-8032.

Created for the new or aspiring leader, this class is perfect for the first-time supervisor, manager or lead operator.  Students will participate in leadership skill building through weekly dissection of common leadership skills and techniques to create a clear understanding of pitfalls and advantages of each skill.  Robust classroom discussion, analysis and practical scenarios will open the door to immediate on-the-job application.  Those preparing themselves for future leadership will be able to identify and measure the current workplace practices against the ideal or suggested.

Forbes magazine printed an article by Aaron Levy in February that identified the steps that make Leadership training work and why 1-2 day leadership seminars do not work, and do not change behavior.  In his research, Mr. Levy determined that effective training incorporates a Learn-Apply-Reflect training model which is designed to get leaders practicing skills and putting them into action. The quicker and more frequently a leader can take a learning, apply it to a real-life situation and dissect their performance of it, the quicker a new skill becomes a habit.

The Leadership in Management course aligns exactly with Mr. Levy’s findings.  Organizational change occurs when the behaviors of the individual leaders change. It starts right here, by working with leaders on adopting the habits that will make your organization succeed.

The class will cover 13 different topics & Skills.  Because of the complexity of some topics, the class will need 2 weeks to cover them properly.  To limit the size of this clarification, here are six (6) of the major subjects and skills that will be covered in this course:

  • Building Trust
  • Driving Performance through Motivating Employees
  • Team Building
  • Communication: Written, Verbal and Non-verbal
  • Conflict Management
  • Planning (Including Time Management)
  • Employee Performance Management (Including Disciplinary Action & Terminations)