One of the goals that Oroville Strong! and the Oroville Strong! community, including Congressman Doug LaMalfa, has been working on is the widening of Highway 70 to help with traffic congestion if there is ever another evacuation. LaMalfa has taken on this goal as is shown in this section from a press release from his office:

  •  State Route 70 Corridor Improvement Project: California State Route 70 connects Sacramento with the Oroville and Butte County area, yet is restricted to just two lines in most of Butte County. The lack of additional lanes negatively impacted evacuation during the Oroville Dam crisis, regularly causes unsafe highway conditions, and limits goods movement in the region. State and local transportation agencies are working to expand the highway by an additional lane in each direction.
    • REQUEST:  Approve Butte County Association of Governments FASTLANE application for federal cost-share of $17.5 million of $43 million expansion.

LaMalfa also issued a statement after President Trump outlined his “infrastructure plan that includes federal grants for rural areas to create funding for additional infrastructure projects and repair existing infrastructure.”

LaMalfa said: “The President has shown a commitment to improving our nation’s aging infrastructure, and I am appreciative of funding programs intended specifically for rural areas like Northern California. While big cities have more resources to compete for existing federal grant programs, creating a program specifically for rural areas means we have more opportunities to fund projects like the expansion of State Route 70 in Butte County and Interstate 5 between Anderson and Redding. This plan would potentially lower costs on significant infrastructure projects to our state, such as Sites Reservoir, while also providing funds for highways, bridges, and waterways that are badly in need of expansion or repair. Additional transformative projects, like wholesale air traffic control reform, will help bring American Infrastructure into the 21st century. I agree with the President that the American people deserve the best and safest infrastructure in the world, and we will work together with the Transportation and Infrastructure committee to make that a reality.”