The OACC Ambassador Program

The Oroville Area Chamber of Commerce (OACC) Ambassadors is a group of business leaders committed to assisting the OACC fulfill its mission of building a strong, vital business community. The Ambassador program is a premier business-networking program and the Ambassadors are the backbone of the OACC volunteer force. The goal of Ambassadorship is to foster positive relationships between the OACC and the community. Ambassadors engage with all OACC members and the Oroville community on behalf of the OACC. Ambassadors mentor new members through the first year of membership and help connect new members to the OACC, its benefits and activities. Ambassadors invite active participation in, robust use of the opportunities the OACC provides and work to promote local businesses. The Ambassadors are the front line for customer contact ensuring that OACC members are receiving the maximum benefit from their membership. The Ambassadors will be assigned a list of active OACC members to whom they will provide support and regular communication. The goal is to provide a personal connection between the Ambassadors and our community.

The Ambassador Committee meets the second Wednesday of every month. The purpose of the monthly meetings is to build cohesiveness and camaraderie among Ambassadors, convey important information to the Ambassadors about OACC activities, functions and projects.

The OACC Ambassadors operate under the authority of the Board of Directors and the overall management of the OACC staff. While the Ambassadors are responsible for supporting members, the Ambassadors cannot independently establish financial accounts or expenditures.


Would you like to join the Ambassador Program?

If you are interested in joining the OACC Ambassador program, you can download and return the Ambassador Application or submit an application on-line.  Please read the OACC Ambassador Guidelines prior to submitting an application.


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